The Wald Law Group provides a broad array of adoption services to individuals and couples seeking to adopt and/or requiring legal assistance with their adoptions. Services include:

  • Agency and independent adoptions
  • 2nd parent and domestic partner adoptions (including under the new California Modern Family Act)
  • Single parent adoptions, stepparent adoptions and adult adoptions
  • Domestic “re-adoptions” of children following an international adoption
  • Advice and referrals for couples and individuals trying to locate a child for adoption and/or determine what type of adoption is right for them; termination of birth parents’ rights; and finalizations of adoptions.

In addition to the adoption services listed above, The Wald Law Group represents birth mothers who have chosen to place a child for adoption, and handles guardianships (including disputed guardianships) and contested adoptions.

The Wald Law Group does not place babies/children with prospective parents for adoption. However, the firm has excellent contacts in adoption agencies throughout the Bay Area.