Prenuptial & Non-Marital Agreements

The attorneys at The Wald Law Group both draft and provide independent review of contracts covering a broad array of family issues.

We prepare pre-marital and pre-domestic partner registration agreements (known as “pre-nups” and “pre-dups”) for couples preparing to enter into legal unions who want to either limit or expand the legal consequences of those unions. We offer both mediation and collaborative representation to our clients, in addition to more traditional representation, as the situation warrants.

We prepare co-parenting agreements for people choosing to parent together outside the context of a legally recognized union — or for those who want to define their parenting roles in less traditional ways. The Wald Law Group has two primary goals in drafting a co-parenting agreement: (1) to make sure that the agreement accurately reflects the vision of family articulated by the parties to the agreement; and (2) to make sure that the agreement provides the most up-to-date and strongest legal protections possible for our clients.