Assisted Reproduction

The Wald Law Group offers a broad range of services to parents and those seeking to become parents.


The Wald Law Group provides services to people offering to take responsibility for children through guardianship, rather than risking those children ending up in the foster care system.


The Wald Law Group provides a broad array of adoption services to individuals and couples seeking to adopt and/or requiring legal assistance with their adoptions.

Divorce & Dissolution

At The Wald Law Group, we work closely with our clients to determine whether they are best suited for mediation, collaboration or litigation.


The attorneys at The Wald Law Group will take the time to understand your family dynamics and help you assess what type of custody arrangement will be best for your children.

Parentage Disputes

The Wald Law Group is one of the very few law firms with extensive experience handling contested parentage actions at both Trial and Appellate court levels.


All attorneys at The Wald Law Group receive training in mediation. We stand ready to act as mediators for parties attempting to resolve their family law disputes without litigation.

Prenuptial & Non-Marital Agreements

The attorneys at The Wald Law Group both draft and provide independent review of contracts covering a broad array of family issues.


The attorneys at The Wald Law Group have extensive experience handling appeals in state and federal appellate courts and at the California state Supreme Court level.