Upcoming Events

EXTREME SITUATIONS CALL FOR EXTREME MEASURES: WHEN A RESTRAINING ORDER IS NOT ENOUGH, Saturday February 3, 2018, Sponsored by Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC-CA) Annual Conference, February 2-4, 2018, Park Central Hotel, San Francisco.

Join Deborah H. Wald , Frank Davis, PhD., Richmond Assistant Police Chief Bisa French, and Jennifer Bawden, Director Safe at Home Program, for an informative discussion.

Past Events Include:

ASSISTED REPRODUCTION LAW: A NEW FRONTIER FOR FAMILY LAW ATTORNEYS AND MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS, Weds Oct 11, 2017 1-2pm (webinar), Sponsored by Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC).

Join Deborah H. Wald for an informative discussion.

CURRENT CRITICAL ISSUES IN FAMILY LAW – ADDRESSING THE FAMILY LAW NEEDS OF LGBTQ CLIENTS, PART I , Friday September 222017, Sponsored by AFCC-CA & Bartholomew & Wasznicky LLP, Arden Hills Resort and Spa, 1220 Arden Hills Lane, Sacramento CA 95864

Join Deborah H. Wald and Frank Davis, PhD for an informative discussion.  Lesbian, gay and transgender clients have walked a different path on their way to family court.  It is important for attorneys, judges and mental health professionals to be aware of how these families’ experiences differ from the experiences of more traditional families.  This session will address the ways that lesbians and gay men become parents, including the use of assisted reproduction, and the implications of these choices within the context of custody proceedings.  Contact Lindie Newlin at (916) 455-5200 or Lindie@DivorceWithRespect.com for full registration materials, brochure, and continuing education information.

TO BE ANONYMOUS OR NOT TO BE ANONYMOUS, THAT IS THE QUESTION: THE IMPACT OF ANONYMITY OR OPENNESS IN SPERM AND EGG DONATION, Monday Sept 18, 2017, Sponsored by Academy of Adoption and Assisted Reproduction Attorneys Midyear Conference: MASTER THE MAGIC OF FAMILY BUILDING: Reproductive Technology Law in a Changing World.

Join moderator Deborah H. Wald, speakers Alice Ruby (Sperm Bank of California) and Robyn Perchick (Beverly Hills Egg Donation), and attorney Emily Doskow for an informative discussion.

IMPLICIT BIAS AND MICROAGRESSIONS IN ASSISTED REPRODUCTION LAW, Monday Sept 18, 2017, Sponsored by Academy of Adoption and Assisted Reproduction Attorneys Midyear Conference: MASTER THE MAGIC OF FAMILY BUILDING: Reproductive Technology Law in a Changing World.

Join Deborah H. Wald and attorney Diane Goodman for an informative discussion.

ALTERNATIVES TO MARRIAGE, Wednesday Aug 2, 2017, 7pm live broadcast, Sponsored by Your Legal Rights, KALW Radio 91.7FM hosted by Chuck Finney.

Join Deborah H. Wald and attorneys BJ Fadem and Jason J. Etler who will be addressing the rights and responsibilities associated with domestic partnerships, as well as touching on polyamorous family arrangements and the law as it relates to children parented by more than two adults.

POST-ELECTION SOLIDARITY: BUILDING ALLIANCES ACROSS RACE, GENDER, SEXUAL ORIENTATION, GENDER IDENTITY, IMMIGRATION STATUS AND PRACTICE AREAS, Wednesday Aug 2, 2017, 10:45am-12:15pm, presented by National LGBT Bar Association 29th Annual Lavender Law Conference & Career Fair.

This workshop has been approved for CLE Ethics credit

As monumental struggles for legal protections are unfolding in diverse communities across the country, we have opportunities to support allied campaigns and to learn from each other across common struggles. This workshop will explore the role of cross-movement solidarity and lawyering in building transformative change. We will address both the challenges and opportunities involved in building strong alliances across identities and boundaries. We will explore legal strategies for tackling issues that have commonalities not only across diverse LGBTQ communities but across other communities as well; and techniques for sustaining and deepening cross-movement and cross-issue lawyering. The workshop will also address the logistical, ethical, and practical “nuts and bolts” of how non-profit organizations, community groups, and corporate law firms can maximize their resources to collaborate on rapid-response advocacy and outreach to support LGBTQ communities facing new challenges in this complex social climate. The code of professional ethics is a foundation for this discussion. Join moderator Deborah H. Wald, and speakers Flor Bermudez, Nishan Bhaumik, Susan Belinda Christian, Kelly Dermody, Ivan Espinoza-Madrigal, Virginia Goggin, and Richard Saenz for an informative discussion.

THE NEXT ROUND OF LITIGATION AFTER OBERGEFELL, Wednesday July 262017 9-10am, presented by ABA Section Family Law Litigation Committee.

Join moderator Rita M. Aquilio, Esq., and panelists Deborah H. Wald, Debra E. Guston, Esq. and Helen E. Casale, Esq. for an informative dial-in panel discussion.  In 2015, the United States Supreme Court held in the landmark Obergefell v. Hodges decision that the Constitution guarantees the right of same-sex couples to marry as “a fundamental right inherent in the liberty of the person.”  Since Obergefell, state and federal courts have applied the decision widely, to protect the rights and benefits of married same-sex couples, as spouses and parents. Join this distinguished panel to hear about key cases that challenge state anti-Obergefell legislation.  These include barriers to birth certificates, government employee benefits, sexual-orientation discrimination and transgender student bathroom access.

A LAWYER’S GUIDE TO EMBRYOS  Sponsored by American Academy of Assisted Reproductive Technology Attorneys (AAARTA) Annual Meeting in Montreal, Canada May 7-10, 2017.

Join Deborah H. Wald and Susan L. Crockin, JD of the O’Neill Institute for a compelling discussion and updates on the laws surrounding embryos.

THE CHANGING AND CONFLICTING STATE OF PARENTAGE – CUSTODY, ADOPTION AND ASSISTED REPRODUCTIVE TECHNOLOGY FOR THE LGBT COMMUNITY  11-12pm Wednesday May 3, 2017 Sponsored by the ABA Section of Litigation LGBT Forum, Hyatt Regency Embarcadero, San Francisco

Join Deborah H. Wald and Moderator Lenore F Carpenter Esq., Debra E. Guston, Esq., and Cathy Sakimura, Esq. for a discussion on the new trends and the law involving adoption, custody and assisted reproductive technology as it specifically relates to the LGBT community.

MICROAGRESSION IN FAMILY FORMATION AND ADOPTION LAW PRACTICES  10:45-11:45am Saturday March 18, 2017 Sponsored by ACAL/ACFFL and Loyola Law School, Loyola Law School Giardi Advocacy Center, 919 Albany Street, Los Angeles

Join Deborah H. Wald and Diane Goodman for an informative discussion.

LEARN IT, DO IT YOURSELF! DOMESTIC PARTNER & SECOND PARENT ADOPTION WORKSHOP  6-8pm, Wednesday March 15, 2017 Sponsored by Our Family Coalition

Join Deborah H. Wald for a hands on workshop.

IT TAKES A VILLAGE: ADDRESSING CHILDREN’S ATTACHMENTS TO MULTIPLE PARENTS AND GRANDPARENTS Sunday February 12, 2017, Costa Mesa, CA Sponsored by The Association of Family and Concilation Courts California Chapter, Westin South Coast Plaza

Join Deborah H. Wald, JD, CFLS, Hon. Amy M. Pellman, and Philip M. Stahl, Ph.D, ABPP, for an informative discussion.

LEGAL STATUS OF SURROGACY ACROSS THE USA AND CANADA – CONTRACTS, SECURING PARENTAGE RIGHTS  4:30-5:15pm Sunday January 15, 2017 Sponsored by Our Family Coaltion and Men Having Babies, The 2017 SF Surrogacy Conference, Marines Memorial Club 609 Sutter Street

Join Deborah H. Wald and Moderator Anthony Brown, Esq./MHB Board, Tabitha Lundberg Koh, J.D./NWSC, Ellen Trachman, Esq./Colorado Surrogacy and Alex MacNab, LLB/Moe Hannah for an informative discussion.

A FAMILY LAWYERS GUIDE TO ASSISTED RERODUCTION LAW (Family Law Section, Program 37) Friday September 30, 2016, San Diego, CA Sponsored by The State Bar of California 89th Annual Meeting, Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina

Can a woman get pregnant through IVF before her dissolution is final without her husband being the legal father? When is a man a sperm donor and not a father? Is “traditional surrogacy” legal in California? Family law attorneys increasingly are confronting assisted reproduction issues in our practices. This program will provide an overview of California assisted reproduction law.  Join Deborah H. Wald and Richard B. Vaughn, Esq. for an informative discussion.  CLE credit available.

FORMING AND PROTECTING LGBT FAMILIES Thursday July 14, 2016, 3-3:45pm, The Sheraton Fisherman’s Wharf, SF, CA.  Sponsored by AXA Advisors.

Join Deborah H. Wald for an informative discusson including Q&A.

DISCUSSION ON THE LAW AND GUARDIANSHIPS  Wednesday June 29, 2016, 7pm, live broadcast Sponsored by Your Legal Rights, KALW Radio 91.7FM, hosted by San Mateo Deputy District Attorney Chuck Finney

Join Deborah Wald for a live on-air discussion and Q&A.

RUBBER MEET ROAD: Cross-over Issues for ART and Family Law (ART Plenary CLE Session) Saturday May 14, 2016, Carlsbad, CA Sponsored by American Bar Association (ABA) May 11-14, 2016 Section of Family Law Spring Conference, Atlantis Paradise Island, One Casino Drive, Nassau, Paradise Island Bahamas

From the establishment of parentage for children born through ART to the control of embryos in the context of divorce, domestic relations/ART law crossover issues challenge lawyers and the Courts. Join Schedule of Events 8 1605 for our panel of Family Law and ART practitioners as they discuss this complex and fascinating area of law. Moderator: Michelle A. Keeyes, Esq., La Mesa, CA, and speakers Deborah H. Wald, Joyce Kauffman, Esq., Cambridge, MA, Ronald W. Nelson, Esq., Lenexa, KS, and Steven P. Shewmaker, Esq., Atlanta, GA.

SURROGACY IN A POST-OBERGEFELL WORLD Saturday May 7, 2016, Sponsored by AAAA/AAARTA Annual Conference May 4-7 2016, Denver, CO

Join attorneys Deborah H. Wald, Debra E. Guston, and moderator Vicki Ferarra for an update on how the SCOTUS decision impacts surrogacy and 2nd parent adoptions.

FAMILY FORMATION 2016 – Legal and Ethical Issues for Adoptin and ART Professionals Saturday March 12, 2016 8:30am-2:45pm, Loyola Law School (Girardi Advocacy Center), 919 Albany Street, Los Angeles, CA Sponsored by Academy of California Adoption Lawyers and the Academy of California Family Formation Lawyers

Join attorneys Deborah H. Wald and Professor Douglas NeJaime, UCLA Professor of Law, for an informative discussion on the recognition and elimination of bias in the legal profession and society.  MCLE credit available.

BASF ANNUAL FAMILY LAW UPDATES AND STRATEGIES Saturday February 27, 2016 8:30am-4:30pm, BASF Conference Center, 301 Battery St., 3rd Floor, San Francisco. Sponsored by The Bar Association of San Francisco Family Law Section.

Join Deborah H. Wald, United Family Court Supervising Judge Anne-Christine Massullo, and attorneys Janet Frankel, David Fink, Kelly Robbins, and David Youngsmith for a discussion of family law topics including mediation, law practice management, propety rights, procedure, spousal support child custody, child support, parenting issues, taxation attorney fees, and new legislation.  MCLE Credit available.

REPRESENTING THE CUSTODY AND VISITATION OF NON-PARENTS AND ADDITIONAL PARENTS Thursday October 29, 2015, Family Law Conference, Allegretto Vineyard Resort, Paso Robles, CA Sponsored by CEB – California

Join attorneys Deborah H. Wald and Vanessa Kirker Wright for an informative discussion on topics including visitation rights of grandparents and others, cases with more than two potential parents, and the rights of parents acting in loco parents.  MCLE credit available.

LGBT FAMILY PLANNING SEMIMAR: Understand the Financial, Legal and Medical Side of Surrogacy  Monday October 26, 2015, 12-1:15pm, The Commonwealth Club, 555 Post St, SF, CA

Join Deborah H. Wald, Brandon Miller, CEO Brio Financial Group, Judy Appel, ED, Our Family Coalition, Dr. Isabelle P. Ryan MD, Pacific Fertility Center, and Michelle Meow, for a informative discussion on surrogacy and LGBT family planning.

PARENTAGE AND CUSTODY ISSUES FOR SAME-SEX COUPLES WITH CHILDREN Tuesday October 13, 2015, 12:15-1:15pm, Alameda County Superior Court, Dept 302, 2233 Shoreline Drive, Alameda, CA Sponsored the Alameda County Family Law Association

Ms. Wald is a Certified Family Law Specialist who has been in practice for almost 30 years. One of her areas of expertise is the laws impact on lesbian, gay and transgender families and she has been actively involved in shaping California’s legislative approach to all three of these areas, including multiple appellate cases. Join her for this informative discussion.

WHEN THREE IS NOT A CROWD (Program 95) Saturday October 10, 2015, 2-3:30pm, Advanced Course, 88th Annual Meeting, State Bar of CA, Anaheim Marriott, Anaheim, CA Sponsored by The State Bar of California

Join Deborah H. Wald and Diane Goodman, APC, for an informative discussion on the new California multi-parent law.  California judges now have the discretion to determine that a child has more than two legal parents if necessary to avoid detriment to the child.  Speakers will discuss appropriate applications of the law, including where there are Voluntary Declarations of Paternity, where the children have been parented by multiple fathers, in same-sex headed families, and where multiple jurisdictions are involved.  CLE credit available.

CREATING SECURE LGBT FAMILIES: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW NOW Monday October 5, 2015, 8:30-9:30am, Sponsored by AAAA/AAARTA Chicago Mid-Year Conference, Chicago, IL

Join attorneys Deborah H. Wald, Debra E. Guston, and moderator Richard B. Vaughn for an informative discussion.

SURROGACY: MEDICAL, EMOTIONAL, ETHICAL AND LEGAL ISSUES Friday October 2, 2015, 12noon to 1:30pm, BASF Conference Center, 301 Battery Street, 3rd Floor, San Francisco Sponsored by BASF (Bar Assocation of San Francisco)

Join attorneys Deborah H. Wald and Stephen Page, Dr. Isabelle P. Ryan M.D, Peggy Orlin MFT and moderator Dennis Hanshew for a discussion on topics related to surrogacy. CLE credit available.

AFTER OBERGEFELL: THE CONTINUED COMPLEXITY OF REPRESENTING LGBT CLIENTS IN FAMILY LAW MATTERS (Webinar) Wednesday September 30, 2015, 12noon to 1:30pm Sponsored by Continuing Education of the Bar – California (CEB)

Join attorneys Deborah H. Wald and Emily Doskow for a discussion on the Obergefell decision, and an analysis on continued areas of complexity for practicing family law attorneys now that marriage equality has come to all 50 states.  CLE credit available.

LEGAL PARENTAGE AFTER SURROGACY September 26, 2015, 2:40-3:05pm, Jewish Community Center, 3200 California Street, San Francisco Sponsored by Families Through Surrogacy & Families Through Surrogacy US Conference

What recognition is available for US Surrogacy? What legal costs should I budget for? What are the differences for International Surrogacy? How does step-parent adoption work? Join Deborah H. Wald for an informative discussion on Surrogacy Law.

WHO’S YOUR DADDY – PARENTAGE ISSUES Saturday August 29, 2015, 11:15-12:15PM, CCCBA, 2300 Clayton, Ste 510, Concord , CA Sponsored by Minors Counsel Training – All Day Program, and the Contra Costa County Bar Association

Join Deborah H. Wald for a discussion on the new California multi-parent law.

August 6-8, 2015, Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile, Chicago, IL
Sponsored by the National LGBT Bar Association

Join Deborah H. Wald who will be moderating panel discussions at the Family Law Institute on strategies for litigating complex divorce, custody and parentage disputes, and broader strategies for protecting LGBT parent-child relationships. By invitation only.

PARENTAGE LAW/CORRECT APPLICATION OF THE NEW MULTI-PARENT LAW Wednesday June 10, 2015 12-1:15pm, Contra Costa Country Club, 801 Golf Club Road, Pleasant Hill, CA Hosted by The Contra Costa County Bar Association Family Law Section

Join Deborah H. Wald for a discussion on the new California multi-parent law.  MCLE credit available.

DISCUSSION ON THE LAW AND PSYCHOLOGY OF ASSISTED REPRODUCTION  Wednesday June 3, 2015, 7pm, live broadcast Sponsored by Your Legal Rights, KALW Radio 91.7FM, hosted by Chuck Finney

Join Deborah Wald and Peggy Orlin, MFT for a live on-air discussion and Q&A.

Friday May 15, 2015, 10:15-11:30am, MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV
Sponsored by American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) Family Law Conference May 13-15, 2015

Join Deborah H. Wald and and Deb L. Kinney for this panel.  Same-sex and transgender couples and families face different legal and tax treatment because of where they live, how they have accumulated assets or myriad other reasons. Learn what issues to consider in order to provide excellent services to these families. Participants will: (1) develop an understanding of the complexity of assessing the relationship status of same-sex and transgender couples; (2) develop an understanding of some of the challenges same-sex couples face in organizing their financial affairs; (3) develop a greater awareness of the tax issues facing same-sex couples; (4) develop an understanding of the challenges facing LGBT families with children.

WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN IT’S OVA Thursday May 7, 2015, 10-11am Carlsbad, CA Sponsored by American Bar Association (ABA) May 6-9, 2015 CLE Spring Meeting, Family Law Section, Assisted Reproductive Technology Committee

Join moderator Deborah H. Wald, Dr. Kim Bergman, PhD, Stephanie M. Caballero, Esq., and Stephen Page, Esq. for this informative CLE.  While it might be sunshine and roses when planning to have a baby through ART, relationships can end, sometimes poorly. We’ll explore how to avoid disaster, and what happens if disaster strikes. Who gets to keep the sperm, eggs and embryos, and what use may be had of them.

January 10, 2015 11-12pm, Rainbow Room 2nd Floor, SF LGBT Center 1800 Market Street
Hosted by Men Having Babies & Our Family Coalition

Join Deborah H. Wald, Dr. Eldon Schriock, M.D., Pacific Fertility CareDr. Collin Smikle, M.D., Medical Director Laurel Fertility Care, and Gail Anderson, Ed.M, Founder Donor Concierge, for a panel of medical, psychological, and legal experts who will provide an overview of the entire surrogacy process for gay men.  Legal topics to include: legal constraints for surrogacy and gay parental rights in various jurisdictions/states; impact of DOMA; contracts between intended families, surrogates and donors – expectations, enforceability, avoiding disputes; laws and practices that affect insurance coverage; establishing parentage and the legal relationship with the child (including pre/post birth order and second parent adoption).